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Retro CNY Chinese New Year CW4409-100


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Coming in a harmonious blend of ivory, pink and gold, the Nike Air Jordan 13 “Chinese New Year” features a ivory upper embossed with traditional coin pattern. The heel is accented with gold nubuck, which extends to the entirety of the midsole. Bringing the design together is the digital pink outsole in rubber.

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10.5US/10UK/EU44.5, 10US/9.5UK/EU44, 11.5US/11UK/EU45.5, 11US/10.5UK/EU45, 12US/11.5UK/EU46, 4.5US/4UK/EU36.5, 4US/3.5UK/EU36, 5.5US/5UK/EU38, 5US/4.5UK/EU37.5, 6.5US/6UK/EU39, 6US/5.5UK/EU38.5, 7.5US/7UK/EU40.5, 7US/6.5UK/EU40, 8.5US/8UK/EU42, 8US/7.5UK/EU41, 9.5US/9UK/EU43, 9US/8.5UK/EU42.5


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